pytest plugin

We use special pytest plugin to improve the testing side of this project.

For example: it is a popular request to ensure that your container does have its error pass handled. Because otherwise, developers might forget to do it properly. It is impossible to fix with types, but is really simple to check with tests.


There’s no need to install anything special. pytest will automatically find and use this plugin.

To use it in your tests, request returns fixture like so:

def test_my_container(returns):


The first helper we define is is_error_handled function. It tests that containers do handle error track.

from returns.result import Failure
from returns.functions import identity

def test_my_container(returns):
    assert not returns.is_error_handled(Failure(1))
    assert returns.is_error_handled(Failure(1).fix(identity))

We recommed to unit test big chunks of code this way. This is helpful for big pipelines where you need at least one error handling at the very end.

This is how it works internally:

  • Methods like fix and rescue mark errors inside the container as handled

  • Methods like map and alt just copies the error handling state from the old container to a new one, so there’s no need to re-handle the error after these methods

  • Methods like bind create new containers with unhandled errors


We use monkeypathing of containers inside tests to make this check possible. They are still purely functional inside. It does not affect production code.

Further reading

API Reference

graph TD; _PatchedContainer _ReturnsAsserts

Returns our own class with helpers assertions to check containers.

Return type