Source code for returns._internal.pipeline.flow

from functools import reduce
from typing import TypeVar

_InstanceType = TypeVar('_InstanceType')
_PipelineStepType = TypeVar('_PipelineStepType')
_ReturnType = TypeVar('_ReturnType')

[docs]def flow( instance: _InstanceType, *functions: _PipelineStepType, ) -> _ReturnType: # type: ignore[type-var] """ Allows to compose a value and up to multiple functions that use this value. All starts with the value itself. Each next function uses the previous result as an input parameter. We use a custom ``mypy`` plugin to make sure types are correct. Otherwise, it is currently impossible to properly type this function. Currently, ``flow`` has a hard limit of 21 steps. Because, it is not possible to type it otherwise. We need a hard limit. See: Here's how it should be used: .. code:: python >>> from returns.pipeline import flow >>> # => executes: str(float(int('1'))) >>> assert flow('1', int, float, str) == '1.0' This function is closely related to :func:`pipe <returns._internal.pipeline.pipe.pipe>`: .. code:: python >>> from returns.pipeline import pipe >>> assert flow('1', int, float, str) == pipe(int, float, str)('1') See also: - - Requires our :ref:`mypy plugin <mypy-plugins>`. """ return reduce( # type: ignore lambda composed, function: function(composed), # type: ignore functions, instance, )