Source code for returns.interfaces.bimappable

from typing import NoReturn, TypeVar

from returns.interfaces import altable, mappable

_FirstType = TypeVar('_FirstType')
_SecondType = TypeVar('_SecondType')
_ThirdType = TypeVar('_ThirdType')

[docs]class BiMappableN( mappable.MappableN[_FirstType, _SecondType, _ThirdType], altable.AltableN[_FirstType, _SecondType, _ThirdType], ): """ Allows to change both types of a container at the same time. Uses ``.map`` to change first type and ``.alt`` to change second type. See also: - """ __slots__ = ()
#: Type alias for kinds with two type arguments. BiMappable2 = BiMappableN[_FirstType, _SecondType, NoReturn] #: Type alias for kinds with three type arguments. BiMappable3 = BiMappableN[_FirstType, _SecondType, _ThirdType]