Source code for returns.pipeline

from typing import ClassVar

from returns._internal.pipeline.flow import flow as flow
from returns._internal.pipeline.managed import managed as managed
from returns._internal.pipeline.pipe import pipe as pipe
from returns.interfaces.unwrappable import Unwrappable
from returns.primitives.exceptions import UnwrapFailedError

[docs]def is_successful(container: Unwrappable) -> bool: """ Determines if a container was successful or not. .. code:: python >>> from returns.maybe import Some, Nothing >>> from returns.result import Failure, Success >>> from import IOSuccess, IOFailure >>> assert is_successful(Some(1)) >>> assert not is_successful(Nothing) >>> assert is_successful(Success(1)) >>> assert not is_successful(Failure(1)) >>> assert is_successful(IOSuccess(1)) >>> assert not is_successful(IOFailure(1)) This function can work with containers that are instance of :class:`returns.interfaces.unwrappable.Unwrappable`. """ try: container.unwrap() except UnwrapFailedError: return False return True