Source code for returns.primitives.asserts

[docs]def assert_equal( first, second, *, deps=None, backend: str = 'asyncio', ) -> None: """ Custom ``assert`` function to compare two any containers. The important note here is that this ``assert`` should probably used in tests. Not real application code. It will call all ``Reader`` based containers and ``await`` all ``Future`` based ones. It also works recursively. For example, ``ReaderFutureResult`` will be called and then awaited. You can specify different dependencies to call your containers. And different backends to ``await`` then using ``anyio``. By the way, ``anyio`` should be installed separately. """ assert _convert( first, deps=deps, backend=backend, ) == _convert( second, deps=deps, backend=backend, ), '{0} == {1}'.format(first, second)
def _convert(container, *, deps, backend: str): from returns.interfaces.specific import future, reader if isinstance(container, future.AwaitableFutureN): import anyio return _convert(, backend=backend), # type: ignore deps=deps, backend=backend, ) elif isinstance(container, reader.Contextable): return _convert( container(deps), deps=deps, backend=backend, ) return container